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This is so good! A very unexpected deep story that really drags you in and keeps you wanting more.

The slow addition of new aspects and twists to the game keep things flowing nicely and make every level a learning experience, while the sneaky feeding of plot from the two narrators make you want to keep going to see what's going on in this weird and wonderful world.

There's so many different things that make the gaming experience different as you play (creatures that help you fly, help you attack and help you live), the game itself is a living thing and I'm hugely impressed! Keep up the amazing work, this was a blast =) 


Thank you!

Looking forward to seeing the story progress, it's really cool how you interact with so many life forms on the planet. :)

I'm always worried with games with platforming like this, as it can trivialize a lot of challenges, but you've done a fantastic job of making navigation the real challenge. Pairing that with the symbiotic progression of growing the world, it really adds a lot more to navigating and giving an incentive to explore. Excited to see this with some more refined artwork and the like! Great job so far! 

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Hey, thanks so much! Glad you had fun. Really excited to show what comes next in the story :)
Edit: Just watched the vid and posted it on our Facebook -- it looks like I need to put something attention-grabby to nudge players in the right direction in that third level! Noted feedback re: map... that might happen. Many ideas for future content. Thanks again for playing.