Ectolibrium Beta Update Available

The Ectolibrium beta on Steam is coming to an end, which means I'm uploading the current version to The January 1st Early Access release will see significant updates, but this will be the final version of the beta.

Some features expected in the Jan 1 release which aren't in this beta:

  • Narrative Introduction
  • Another central character
  • Better tutorial content
  • More art
  • More ambient life
  • More optional content
  • The Outlier's Grotto (see prev devlog!)

The longer-term plan is to release three episodes over the next year, then spend another year polishing them all for a final release! Buy in early on Early Access for the best deal! Your support will be hugely appreciated. 

Please get in touch if you have any feedback from this beta version. I can't promise it will get implemented in the Jan 1 release, but I'm always trying to make this game better.

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Nov 02, 2018

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